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Coolpad launches Note 5 Lite in India: Chota Packet Bada Dhamaal

Lifestyle March 21, 2017

Have you wished for a small little device which is your bundle of joy which encapsulates anything and everything you need. If yes, there is someone who has heard you! NO NO, it’s not only God but a cool brand called Coolpad which has made it possible! Team ChicLifebyte recently got to know about the cool device called Coolpad Note 5 Lite which is themed around Small Packs It All. Yes, its power packed and has all the features which a big phone would have. Remember the big phones which were a rage at a certain point of time but we ditched those bulky creatures for sleeker smarter versions. However now is the time to go small. When big bags are turning into clutches, where do we have the space to store the big gadgets or the power banks and the USB cord! You would not need all of this if you get your hands on the new device!


ASUS Zenfone Max: The ultimate smartphone!

Lifestyle June 9, 2016

We all love our smart phones…afterall they are as smart as humans….and they multi task just like us…camera, calculator, social media, messaging, alarm clock….the list is endless and is bliss….the same device doing so many things!! But with all the pros there are cons. You know the most irritating habit that comes with the smart phone….carrying chargers and power banks….just as we need more food when we do more work…our smartphones need more fuel (charge) when we utilize them to the fullest. Atleast that’s what I feel.

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Asus Zenpad 7.0 Review

Lifestyle January 8, 2016

What does one need for blogging? Yes, you guessed it right! A camera (for clicking great pictures), a phone (for communication) & a notebook (for taking down notes).

When I got all of them on the same device, my happiness knew no bounds. Yes, that device is the Asus ZenPad 7.0. Its big screen is what makes my blogging so easy. I can easily write in it and start my blogs then and there. So this also makes it eco-friendly as I bid goodbye to the papers where I used to jot down these notes. And with 8GB internal storage alongside expandable storage, I don’t have to worry about the storage space also.