Okay, Let me first start by expressing my love for perfumes! I simply adore perfumes, I try all sorts of perfumes, categorize them by nose or note, and love to talk about them. My excitement knew no bound when I  received the invite to be a part of “Make your own perfume” workshop by Rajiv Sheth of “All Good Scents”.

Before I tell you about All Good Scents, Let me share a memory. Three years back I had been to one of the Perfume stores at the Fashion street in Paris. On the top of many Paris ‘must do’ lists was ‘bring home a French perfume‘. Upon stepping foot in one of the stores in the fashion street, the enchanting atmosphere and olfactory delights swept me off the floor. The store felt like heaven, really! Minutes later, I returned to my senses when I checked the price label! I could buy just two,  thanks to the skyrocketing Euro rates!