Who doesn’t love Punjabi food and when you know it’s coming from the pind, you have to make a halt!! And that’s what we did when Team ChicLifeByte was invited to Rangla Punjab festival organized by Punjab Grill. We are no stranger to the restaurant opened up by Jiggs Kalra and have always loved the food here. This time it wasn’t the usual Butter Chicken that we were invited for some something much more than that. We were invited to “Savour the depth and diversity of Punjabi cuisine with a special menu at Punjab Grill”.

Rangla Punjab is a special food festival organized from Feb 10th to 24th and the menu boasted of true flavours of Punjab. I had heard of the dishes coz of the umpteen visits to the city of Punjab but I am sure a lot of you would not have even heard of the names. Don’t worry, I will be more than happy to share my memorable experience to bring out the essence of the heartland of Punjab.

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