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Teddy Boy – An ode to 1950s Britain

Food July 16, 2016

Teddy Boy– a gastropub inspired from British subculture – is an ode to the classy pubs of 1950s that were extremely popular among the youth of Britain. Teddy boy (or Ted) was the name given to any young man of this subculture that was characterised by their Edwardian dressing sense (normally drape jackets, drainpipe trousers, a brocade waistcoat, and a narrow tie, with their hair neatly done up, usually in the form of a quiff) and a liking for rock-and-roll music.

The interiors, the menu, and the theme of the restaurant are all dedicated to the Teddy boy subculture. Proof of this are the big British flag on the right hand side wall as you enter and vintage pictures of Teddy boys on the menu. The interiors of the Pub have been done up quite stylishly, the plain brick walls creating a laidback atmosphere and big couches providing comfort for seating. Even the lighting, which uses dim tungsten bulbs adds to this relaxed feeling. We also noticed a large wall clock and wall mountings of antlers (not sure if they were real). The exceptionally high ceiling also lends a royal, rich feel.

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The Groghead- sinfully sumptuous!

Food February 1, 2016

Delhi has always been on the radar for entrepreneurs to start their venture and today we talk about one such hideout which is surely one of the most promising gastro pubs in town- The Groghead.

So, is there any ambiguity that we won’t give you a glimpse of such a happening place? I bet you can’t say no, as our readers know us very well. So yes, team ChicLifeByte was invited for that wonderful evening with friends, wine & dine and not to forget a band performance night.

If we talk about gastro pubs, certain things are very mechanical but this was one place I enjoyed spending time. Interestingly, The Groghead is a place where everything is so wonderful be it ambiance, food & drinks or the Halloween barrel.

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