It’s the era of health and fitness, and we don’t really want to have aerated drinks, but even if we say goodbye to them, do we really have options? Yes, we do have various drinks available in tetra packs and bottles but most of them are loaded with extra sugar and preservatives, Do we really want to consume them? Then the best option is fruit juices available at various stalls but the big question us how hygienic are those?

I recently found my alternative at Crudo Juicery in Galleria Market, Gurgaon which opened just 4 weeks back by Amit Sahni, a health & fitness enthusiast in his mid 30’s who is back after 18 years from Australia. He comes from the hospitality industry and has always been a foodie. To find the right alternative in India, he took countless trips to numerous big and small food joint in and around Gurgaon, all in vain. He finally decided to nurture his dream- a quest to find “healthy” delicious & mouth-wateringly scrumptious food. And hence was born Crudo Juicery.

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