Open it
Push the marble
Feel that fizz
And Voila
You’re ready to Bunta!

Sounds familiar? A drink which makes you nostalgic about your childhood memories, the carefree days spent playing chupan chupai or Ludo with your friends!

Now, I am gonna tell you about a bar which makes you nostalgic about your carefree and happy school days when we used to going to the nearest general store and could fondly ask for kanche vaali bottle…yes, those were the days!! I felt that reminiscence when I entered Bunta Bar, located at downtown Dilli, Janpath, Bunta Bar effortlessly transforms itself from day to night. As I entered I saw Bunta bottles all over the place from the entry to the celing…yes everywhere! In total, there were 4500 bunta bottles which were made-to-order for this place! A big branding of Bunta Bar with a painted peacock around it caught our attention as we made our way! Differential seating, colourful couches, backrest and high seating chairs! A DJ console out a truck…wow…that was ultimate!

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