The Delhi Canteen (TDC) located at Malviya Nagar is a place which I have all the admiration for, started by Vinny Guliani and his wife Puja Guliani, 3.5 months back. The lady is actually the integral part of the restaurant who managed everything-from food to menu to interiors to marketing. Infact, even baking and desserts are done by her. Kudos to the multi talented woman! The interiors are done in red, yellow, black & white with the colours of the dreams drenching on the food, the taste, the aroma, the spice, the quality, the ambience, the coziness & the pleasant feel & vibe of the small lovely cozy place.

The menu reads interesting dishes like Nawabi Kebab, Kumbh Pudina Tikka, Protein Shotein (Rajma & Palak ka burger), Hitler Ke Pulao, Dilli Ki Jaan- Momos, Kaisadiya (quesadillas) and desserts like Dilli ki Chandini (Delhi Fruit Cream) and Moussie Moussie (double chocolate mousse).