Veda is a place in CP where we can have delicious Indian food with high quality standards & taste and an ambience which is mesmerizing & which one can never forget be it the dim candlelights or the mirrors and comfortable sofas & chairs. I call it the emperor’s dungeon where you see tall crystal glasses shining in the light (majestic & palace like) and the feel so Aristocratic and classic. The elegant royal mirrors and the luxurious décor is intricately done as the aura leaves you spell bound. The ambience will cast a spell and leave you ecstatic! It is simply breathtaking and the magic so real, captivating & alluring enticing with the glass, mirrors & candlelights lit with the demeanour of the holy devil of fashion world Rohit Bal with his imagination so rich & it makes your heart & senses travel to another world of rich tastes & authentic flavours.

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