What if you open a tijori and what you find is not jewels or money but tons of people enjoying with great food & drinks. Surprised? That’s what Vault Cafe has in store for you. As we reached the tijori door, we were warmly welcomed and greeted by Mr. Yogesh Tiwari, the manager of the restaurant who also gave us his prestigious time and told us in depth about the restaurant. He mentioned that this restaurant is for true Delhi-ites who come from different backgrounds. There are people who would want drinks at a low cost and there are people who don’t care about prices, so to solve this they have set prices across different categories. They have a beer costing Rs. 90/- and another costing Rs. 840/-. During the day, they generally see youngsters below the age of 25 and after 7 PM, they see people above 30. The crowd isn’t only the corporate ones but guests throng from faraway areas like Noida and Faridabad.