What do you mean by women empowerment? It does not mean creating a space for yourself in everybody’s heart that a women is capable of for that matter respected for. Women have far more tolerance power than men. They never say no and perform their daily duties without cribbing & getting tired and all their sacrifices just get unnoticed and in vain that’s the pain every women goes through daily. She faces more challenging life, situations, adjustments, compromises & health issues. Still she lives more, breathes more, makes her family smile and grow with each passing day. A woman lives 6 years more longer than a man. They die more of chronic diseases, heart diseases, cancer, depression, anxiety, stress, arthritis, loneliness, osteoporosis, reproductive health issues or ovarian cancers. There is a need to spread awareness & for right to every women to live for herself and get total health check-ups done so that symptoms of ill-health and various dangerous complications going on internally & externally which drain the mind, body & soul are gauged as early as possible. She also has equal rights to fight & live for her own empowerment & not curb her desires and freedom at any cost.

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