Imly junction, the vegetarian food train that is when you take a trip down the train. Now let’s get started with Varun Puri’s & Vivek Bhargava’s imlyicious delicious vegetarian train journey which is a yet another dream concept called Imly. I loved the logo & the Imly drawing outside the huge 250 ft. long food train full of sweet surprises & street food at Rajendra Place specially made & designed by Varun Puri. It has a unique & chapata concept of street food of India. His dream & nostalgia came alive of following culinary traditions & habits of every country of India- the train journeys & the delicious delicacies being made available that one is born up eating the street food. I saw the glasses & plates beaming with colourful hues and the window day light & the decor that I loved with all the lovely colours on the table and the interiors done so aesthetically… so warm & welcoming, coming from the inventor & creator of a lovely idea that is direct from his heart & soul i.e. Imly. So lets see what the brainchild of Varun Puri has to offer for us food addicts.

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