When a couple’s been together long enough (or when they’re so new they’re totally engrossed in each other and notice every minute detail) coordination comes naturally. Whether it’s in the way you walk or talk, your reactions, your expressions,or your styles, you fall into a natural rhythm with your significant other –and the world of high fashion couldn’t be happier for you! As a celebration of romance, ‘His & Her’ styles have become a great way to show off your love.

Speaking of matching styles, it’s no secret that ‘twinning’ is all the rage these days. But I say why limit the trend to clothes, shoes and accessories? Let’s level up the game and introduce a dose of high-end high fashion watches to the mix and see what happens! I’ve got my money on Michael Kors watches to create a gorgeous lovechild (pun not intended, no pressure!) of high fashion and fine watchmaking.

What could be cuter than a couple showing off their romance through a coordinated pair of luxury watches? They add a luxurious lustrous quality to a couple’s already effervescent style and love. Of course, a lot of luxury brands actually make his & her styles already, butI think its more fun to keep the concept a little more open-ended and go in for matching yet contrasting models. Keeps the style from looking too cheesy and boring. Contrasting timepieces allow a little bit of breathing room for your personal styles, which is an absolute must for the success of any relationship, wouldn’t you agree?

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