This little café called Cafe Immigrant is located amongst the most busiest places in New Delhi, Connaught place. This cafe is basically made around the concept of diversity, which is in abundance here in the Indian capital and showcases many dishes from various Indian states like Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala and other countries like Italy, Lebanon & Thailand. This restaurant celebrates the fact that Delhi has always been influenced by migrants from all over the world and our own country. I could totally see that in their menu- butter chicken with pizza, risotto and khichdi, once I got my hands onto the menu I did know that tonight was going to be one parade of some fascinating food.  I was greeted by the manager Mr. Sushil & the Assistant manager Mr. Ajay. Moving onto what I ordered off their menu, the manager of the restaurant Mr. Sushil was really devoted and helpful to me with helping me order the food and suggesting whatever he thought was a must try.

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