Guys & Girls, we have some great news for you! Just when the winter season has arrived and the shopaholics in us are jumping with joy to set our winter wardrobe, there is an international iconic brand which has made its entry in India. I am sure all of you must be eager to know the name of the brand and its whereabouts, so without troubling you too much I would like to reveal the details. It’s none other than our all-time favourite Aeropostale. The American iconic brand opened its first India outlet in India at Select City Walk, Saket. Any guesses who came for the launch? Full marks to those who said Sonam Kapoor. Yes, the fashion icon Sonam Kapoor was in our city Delhi on November 7, 2015 and also got her young fans jigging at the launch. Dressed in stretchy denims, one of their signature product, an Aeropostale logo tee and checkered shirt, she also did a gig with the popular, dynamic and energetic Aero crew. Quite a huge no. of customers and onlookers queued up outside the Aeropostale store to get a glimpse of the Bollywood actress.

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